Will sign writing my van get me more customers?

I wanted to go back to basics on todays post by talking about your van. Nothing unusual about that you might be thinking, however I was following a discussion just last week on the social media about the type of van that electricians want to be driving.

The conversation soon turned to the subject of sign writing. To me sign writing a van is a no brainer for two reasons:


53% More Profit!

It certainly caught my eye! 53% more profit from doing a few simple things seems crazy but the research is in and shows that it can be that simple. What am I talking about; a complicated sales program? Some sneaky ways to upsell or a hidden price increase? Nope – nothing like that and thankfully nothing as unethical either.


How to identify your core message in a customer friendly way

Your core message determines in a nutshell what your electrical business is about. Every successful business needs to have a core message whether it reflects the high quality workmanship or amazing customer services – or both. You need to identify a strength in your business that you can offer to each and every customer – a good reason why they should come to you over a competitor. Every customer likes to have some form of trust or promise that covers more than just the work. At Kent Electrics we put our name and reputation behind every job we take on.