How to make blogging work for your electrical business

Blogging is so much more than words on a page. Done correctly you will increase visitors to your site, improve search engine rankings and become an authoritative on electrical work. The purpose of blogging is to provide regular, informative and relevant content on your website which in turn makes your website more likely to be found within the search engines. How to write a great blog post Firstly your blogging needs to be relevant to the electrical industry. Many electricians focus on a market share that they would like to target for example landlords.

Planning your marketing strategy

One of the questions I get asked on a regular basis is how to introduce special offers without appearing to be desperate for work. I actually recommend having special offers all year round – not only will you be in regular contact with potential customers offering reasonable prices, you will not be giving any indication of your current state of cash flow. It is not difficult to think of well known high street brands that offer year round sales – when you need their services, you will know who to call.

Customer relations - how to avoid mis-understandings

Great! Your marketing efforts are paying off and you get your first customers – all seems to be going well until you come across a customer who despite your best efforts, just isn't happy. Let's assume that there is no problem with the work – as far as you as the electrician is concerned, you have carried out the job as requested but the customer is still refusing to pay up. How to protect yourself from this scenario This situation has occurred through mis-understanding. Your client is not happy as you have not met their expectations.

How to unleash the power of direct mail

In the days of electronic mail, you might be thinking that the traditional postage lead direct mail is dead. That couldn't be further from the truth, direct mail is still very much alive and kicking and carried out in the correct way – by making it personal – it can prove to be a very profitable venture. The Facts Personalised direct mail has a far higher response rate than a mass mailing campaign. So forget sending out masses of impersonal mailings as these are likely to end up in the bin – only 2% of mass mailing campaigns produce a response.

Want to run your own business?....AND be successful?

Being your own boss....being self employed.....what does it even mean? Is it the preserve of the rich or clever....or just the plain crazy? Well if you are thinking the latter then you're somewhere near to the life of a SUCCESSFUL business owner. If you like the thrill of the ride, and by that I mean you like being busy from 6am to 9pm where the phone never stops ringing and the job never really ends then being self employed might be just what you are looking for.

How to be an Approachable Electrician

You may well consider yourself as an approachable person, but how do you know whether your customers think the same about you? Approachable electricians put a lot of time and effort into getting their customers 'through the doors'. However this is not rocket science, what they are doing is quite simple, it just involves a little thought. It is no longer as straight forward as plonking your phone number down on an advert and waiting for the phone to ring in fact many customers choose not to ring!