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So, how is business as a self employed electrician?

As a business owner, you will get asked how business is going quite often by friends, family and even other parents at the school gate. The truth of the matter is, it is very unlikely that you would answer this question truthfully if business was not so good. If you are stuck in a rut, it is difficult to ask anyone to help – all you want is for an email or phone call about some work.


Beware of people selling you bright shiny objects

Whether you have just started out running your own business as an electrical contractor or you are an established electrician, you will have had various encounters with marketing people attempting to sell you a variety of services that will supposedly make you money. From shiny advertisements to building websites, every time you get a phone call from these types of people, they always seem to promise you the earth. But how many times have you fallen for their game and signed up only to find your phone doesn't ring after all?

How electricians find work

One of the biggest challenges faced amongst self employed electricians is finding work and keeping busy. If you're struggling to find work, it can seem like an uphill struggle everyday wondering where the next job is coming from. It is no fun looking at an empty diary and wondering why the phone isn't ringing.


What is your marketing like?


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