Do you find yourself competing on price?

Many of you will be familiar with me as being the founder of My Electricians ToolBox™, you may also know that I also run my own small electrical contracting company in the Medway towns.


I am still very much hands on with my electrical work and therefore the marketing advice in My Electricians ToolBox™ is up to the minute. You see, I have still got my finger very much on the pulse when it comes to the latest marketing techniques and the issues that electricians face.


Price Wars

One of the main problems that most electricians encounter is price competing. This is where electricians often feel that they have to lower their price in order to get the work. Unfortunately this scenario is all too familiar for electricians not just in my local area of Medway but all over the UK.


Electricians often feel they are lowering their price to such an extent it is not really worth doing the work. The feeling is that professional electricians are loosing out on work as cowboys and unqualified electricians, like“the bloke down the pub” are quoting much cheaper prices that qualified and registered electricians are unable to compete with.


How to get a fair days pay for a fair days work

Personally I do not get involved with price wars. The main problem with price wars is that you can end up being busy but not making any money. It is better to walk away from customers who force electricians to compete on price and find clients who will pay a fair price. I do this by positioning myself as the 'go to' electrician in Medway, the electrical expert and as a result, my clients are willing to pay me for the service I provide.


This doesn't mean ripping people off, but rather commanding a fair days pay for the expert work that I do. One of the marketing questions I get asked on an almost daily basis is how to overcome the price wars and find clients that will pay a fair price.


My Electricians ToolBox™ provides extensive advice and a step by step action plan which will enable you to position yourself in your local area as the electrician to go to. This is by obtaining the right marketing mix of advertising, referrals, leafleting and on line activity. You may have tried these approaches before without success, however My Electricians ToolBox™ shows you tried and tested methods that will get you the work you need from clients that will pay fairly.


Here is a true story

One of my early success stories with My Electricians ToolBox™ was helping an electrician to save their business by leafleting. The electrician sent me an email saying that his business was on the rocks and the bailiffs were coming on the Monday to take his van. Of course we all know that without a vehicle it it very difficult to continue trading. He was very sceptical about signing up at first.


By purchasing some paper and ink and borrowing a friends guillotine, he printed off the leaflets as suggested and drove around his locality delivering them to relevant areas. Over that weekend he obtained £5,000 worth of work as a result of the leafleting and as a result was able to pay the bailiffs what he owed when they turned up on that Monday.


I can help you get a fair price

If you are fed up with working everyday for little or no reward and want to do work for better quality clients then I can help you do that. I won't put money directly into your bank but I will show you how you can do it for yourself.


If you are an electrician and need any advice on your marketing please feel free to send me an email to [email protected]


   James Dewane – Founder ofMy Electricians ToolBox” 

   Like many of you, I started out as an apprentice, learning the craft of my trade – but not the skills to market yourself and your company.

   If, like me, you’d like a full work-book, to pick and choose the jobs you take, make healthy profits and have the time to enjoy your family and your social life –

   Then I know I can help you.