Electricians – how to make money from email marketing

One of the most valuable marketing methods for your electrical contracting business can be built up quite easily by simply having an email list. Used in the right way, your email list will produce repeat business, recommendations and also further enhance your reputation as the 'go to' electrician in your local area.


Remember, the key to success is to maintain contact with your past customers, and provide them with electrical information that is useful. It will save you money on advertising costs for new customers and enhance your reputation. You do not need any special skills to build up an email list, simply a computer and an account with an email marketing service provider.


What is an email marketing service provider


An email service provider will make sending emails out to your subscriber list very easy. You will also be able to produce professional looking emails that reflect the look of your electrical contracting company. There are also essential features that must be included on all email lists which will enhance your marketing campaign.


It is important to select an email service provider with an auto responder service. This is an automated email system where people who sign up to your email list receive an email thanking them for subscribing amongst other things.


Email marketing service providers I recommend


There are a couple of email marketing service providers that I recommend. You will hear me talk about them during the “My Electricians ToolBox” live webinars.


  • MailChimp


The great thing about MailChimp is that it is free to sign up to and you don't need to pay until your list grows to over 2,000 subscribers. There is a limit up to how many emails you can send out but that is more than enough to get you started! It is easy to set up and send out your email via MailChimp that look the part. There is nothing worse than a 'home made' email!


  • Aweber


Aweber is a paid email service, however you can try it out for 30 days for $1. There is very little difference between Aweber and Mailchimp in terms of service, although Aweber does not place a limit on how many emails you can send out.


What you must know before sending emails


There are a couple of rules to email lists that you must follow.


  • obtain permission from your customer to add their email address to your list.


If you ask permission in the right way – that you will be emailing useful tips and advice from time to time, then normally you will get their permission. Any person subscribing to your email list on line has also given their permission.


Use of email addresses without permission means that you can be reported for web spam. Too many spam reports can mean becoming banned from your email marketing service provider, so do take care on this aspect.


  • Don't bombard your list with email after email.


Useful emailing means just that. Ensure you email contains useful information that your customer will want to read. They won't want salesy emails asking them to use your services. I send out seasonal emails which provide safety tips and reminders on checking for electrical dangers in and around the home and garden.


Growing your list


As part of your marketing campaign, you need to ensure you are growing your own email list. This means asking each and every customer for their email address. Email addresses are fast becoming an easy way to make money. You see, over time people move and phone numbers change. However it is very rare that a person changes their email address, so email is one of the most effective ways of staying in contact with all your customers.


As your list grows, you will notice the number of enquiries increase when you send out an email campaign.


An email list that is well thought out, timely and relevant will make you money – and remember this is another free tool you can use to market your electrical business effectively wherever you live.

   James Dewane – Founder ofMy Electricians ToolBox” 

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