How electricians find work

One of the biggest challenges faced amongst self employed electricians is finding work and keeping busy. If you're struggling to find work, it can seem like an uphill struggle everyday wondering where the next job is coming from. It is no fun looking at an empty diary and wondering why the phone isn't ringing.


What is your marketing like?

As the founder of My Electricians ToolBox, I speak to electricians on a daily basis who are struggling to find work, the type of problems that they face are all similar. Although they have various adverts, they speak to the local builder or are registered on lead generation sites not enough work is coming through to keep them busy.


Many of these traditional marketing methods cannot be relied on fully. If you depend on any of these ways to get work, then you are loosing out on quality work in your local area.


  • Various adverts

  • Word of mouth

  • Lead generation sites

  • Agency work

  • Local builder

  • Asking other trades in the pub


Now some of these methods can result in work every now and again, others will just cost you money for nothing in return or you'll find yourself working hard for someone else in return for peanuts.


A marketing plan is key to your business

If your marketing is hit and miss and you don't spend any time focussed on it then you are missing out. Electricians who are serious about getting work know their marketing and as a result have a busy diary for the weeks and months ahead.


I recommend that half an hour a day is spent focussing entirely on your marketing. Other distractions such as making phone calls and accounting need to sit on the back burner during this time.


However, a marketing plan will only be effective if you are spending your time focussing on the right things. My students within My Electricians ToolBox learn about this and as a result have positioned themselves as the 'go to' expert electrician in their area. They are paid what they are worth because people don't argue with the experts.


Have more direction in your business

If you are constantly 'hoping' for more work to come your way, you are fighting a hard battle to get work and are more likely to be losing work to your competitors.


Productive marketing leads to a busy diary. You will no longer need to rely on hope or just one or two leads to keep your business afloat. It is a great feeling and is ensuring your freedom as a self employed electrician – working on your terms in your local area.

   James Dewane – Founder ofMy Electricians ToolBox” 

   Like many of you, I started out as an apprentice, learning the craft of my trade – but not the skills to market yourself and your company.

   If, like me, you’d like a full work-book, to pick and choose the jobs you take, make healthy profits and have the time to enjoy your family and your social life –

   Then I know I can help you.