How to identify your core message in a customer friendly way

Your core message determines in a nutshell what your electrical business is about. Every successful business needs to have a core message whether it reflects the high quality workmanship or amazing customer services – or both. You need to identify a strength in your business that you can offer to each and every customer – a good reason why they should come to you over a competitor. Every customer likes to have some form of trust or promise that covers more than just the work. At Kent Electrics we put our name and reputation behind every job we take on. This phrase reassures our clients that they are dealing with a reputable company that cares about customer service and high standards. To make sure this core message is used throughout my electrical contracting business I ensure my small team of electricians are also aware of our two strengths – name and reputation. If you work only for yourself than it is completely down to you to uphold those strengths. How to spread your core message Here at Kent Electrics, two simple but very important things ensure that our core message of name and reputation is upheld.

  • Uniform

At Kent Electrics we wear a simple blue polo short displaying our company logo. It is important that when portraying a professional image you make it clear which electrical company you are representing. How you wear the uniform is as equally important. Uniform should be clean and neatly pressed especially when carrying out quotation visits. Taking care of your personal appearance says a lot about your working standards.

  • Distinctive Van

We also drive blue vans to match our uniform at Kent Electrics. Remember your van is as much a marketing tool as the rest of your marketing promotions. This doesn't mean you have to drive the latest all singing all dancing van. It's how you sign write it that counts and thought needs to be given to this. Clearly it is important that you identify yourself as an electrician as this not only confirms your core message it also tells people who see your van what it is you do. I also suggest that you keep your sign writing simple. Telling people you are an electrical engineer for example can create the impression that you are a huge company and would not be interested in small jobs. I find the phase 'local electrician' works well. On my van I use 'from a socket to a full re-wire' as this clearly explains to our customers that no job is too small....or too big. Many electricians make the mistake of listing every service they offer on their van. Remember less is more. The more that is written on your van, the more difficult it will be to read it. Your customer will get a feel for your business before they make contact Use your core message in your marketing – from your website to your advertising. Creating a core message means taking care and pride in your work and how you do business. Knowing what to expect is very important to clients who will be letting you into their homes to carry out work. Knowing what to expect will give your next client the confidence to pick up the phone to make contact. The creation of a core message is a very valuable piece of marketing that you can use to identify yourself to others. Always ensure you and your staff represent your core message at all times especially when interacting with clients.

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