How to make advertising work for your electrical contracting business

When it comes to advertising, I always recommend selecting local publications over other methods. This is because the aim is to get your advert seen by people in your local area. For advertising to work best in your interests, it is important to have control over your advertisement.


Where to advertise

Any local publication is worth looking into. This could be a parish magazine, a local newsletter, or another local publication. In my area in Kent, we have an advertising publication known as The Net. It is a very popular method of advertising for local businesses. It is hand delivered to all households in the Medway area of Kent. I always know when the deliveries have taken place as my phone calls increase.


When I get phone calls from local companies asking if I'm interested in advertising in local publications, I always say yes. However I always make two stipulations.


Stipulation One

I always request that I choose my advertising slot. It is important that your electrical contracting business obtains a prime spot in the local publication. It needs to catch the eye of the readers. I always request my advert is placed on a right hand side page either in the middle or bottom. The reason for this is a simple one. Think about where your eyes first look when turning over a page. This is where your advert needs to be.


Stipulation Two

Never sign up for long periods of time. Advertising that will work well for your business will begin to perform within three months. One month is not long enough, however 3 months will give you sufficient time for monitoring results.


Remember that not everyone needs an electrician straight away. A regular advertiser will become known quickly and when the need arises for an electrician, then householders will remember where they saw an advert.


What about adverts offering a leaflet delivery service?

I get asked this question on a regular basis by electricians who have seen an offer in a local publication offering a reasonably priced leaflet delivery service with the publication.


Although this may seem like a good offer, it is not a service I recommend. This is because householders often remove leaflets from publications and throw them away without looking at them. In their eyes it is just junk and they concentrate on the publication only.


Only opt for a straightforward advert in the publication. Enhanced services do not produce results.


Advertising I do not recommend

I have tried radio and newspaper advertising in the past and I wouldn't recommend these methods to you. The reason being is that you have no control over where the advert is placed or when it will be aired. Adverts need to catch the eye of your local market and advertising carried out at the wrong time of day will not bring you the expected result.


I also do not recommend taking out paid advertising with well known directories – when did you last pick one up to find a company?


Tracking Results

Is is important that you know what works in your business and what doesn't. Knowing where your customers find you is of vital importance. Don't rely on the advertiser telling you their results – often this is a perception not a fact. The best way is to ask your customers where they found you. You need to stay as a regular advertiser on publications that work. You don't need the biggest advert, I opt for a small advert A6 in size.


Keeping a small advert in a local publication keeps you in the minds of potential customers. A regular advert in a local publication that serves your local market effectively, used as part of your own marketing plan will perform well.

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