How to Make Time to Market your Electrical Business

Many domestic electricians say they struggle to find time to fit in any kind of marketing for their business. The problem is, without any kind of marketing, your electrical business will struggle to grow and lack of marketing results in an empty diary or sitting at home worrying about whether the bills will be paid that month.  This is why I started My Electricians ToolBox which is dedicated to marketing for electricians.


Finding time

It is too easy to simply say “I don't have time” when it comes to doing a task that is either not enjoyable or that we have no knowledge of. However, if you really wanted to find the time, you would. In the same way that you find time to sleep at night and find the time to eat during the day, you can find time to do 30 minutes of marketing for your electrical business every day – that's if you are serious about making your business successful.


Fitting marketing into your routine

When carrying out your marketing for your business, it is important to find a time slot where you can focus your time solely on a marketing plan for your business. To start with, choose a time of day where you can focus effectively. For some people this may be late at night or early in the morning. Where people often say they haven't got time, I suggest to them getting up half an hour earlier, or going to bed half an hour later. If you can't do that, you could perhaps set your favourite TV programme to record and watch it another time or give up one evening in the pub to spend on your marketing. Again, if you are serious about your business, you will find a way.


Dedicating yourself to your business

Running your own electrical business is a bit like a new person entering your life – remember your first serious girlfriend or boyfriend? You had to make the time for them to make the relationship work – you didn't have to, but you wanted to and that is the crucial part. If you are serious about something or someone you will find a way to make the time even if your schedule is busier than ever. Make time for marketing.


Only by investing quality time on marketing your business – and of course marketing it in the right way to attract the customers you want in your local area, will you see the benefits – your diary will start booking up and you will have a steady steam of work coming in the way you hope for when you first start up business.


Many businesses fail – and it's nearly always to do with lack of dedication or incorrect marketing.  Make your business different - make it a successful business.


My recent video will tell you more about how to make the time to marketing your business. Take a look for some more marketing tips on how to market your electrical contracting business.


   James Dewane – Founder ofMy Electricians ToolBox” 

   Like many of you, I started out as an apprentice, learning the craft of my trade – but not the skills to market yourself and your company.

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