How referrals will help you to build your business

Spreading the word and advertising your business can quickly become a costly and time consuming exercise. For a business to thrive and in turn create a steady flow of work, it needs to have a 'network' of people who are willing to recommend your services which will result in either repeat business or new custom.


Who will recommend my electrical business?

Obtaining appropriate referrals is about making your existing customers feel good If you have done a significant job for someone you can ask them if they would recommend your business. However the exact science of referral goes far beyond simply asking for the recommendations. You need to make your customer feel special, part of your business and even part of your family.


When I carry out work for valued clients, I will often follow up the work with a note thanking my client for the work. I will handwrite this and post using a stamp as this adds the personal touch. On a larger job such as a re-wire where there may have been a fair amount of disruption I will send the customer some flowers or a pair of cinema tickets too – it adds to the personal touch and makes my client feel special.


Identifying which customers who are willing to recommend you is crucial to the success of this particular referral exercise, but to start with you can ask family members or friends to recommend your services to others.


A second valuable referral method

To start making your name known in the local area, you can establish what is known as a joint venture with local businesses. The aim of a joint venture is for local businesses to recommend your services in return for a free service such as PAT Testing or an EICR for example.


The best businesses to target are small locally owned businesses such as hairdressers, beauty salons, takeaways and other independent businesses. Take a long a supply of business cards or leaflets that can be displayed in the waiting areas or counters.


What referral business will do for your electrical business

The two methods above are just two ways of gaining valuable referral business. Using the correct referral strategies will build your reputation in your local area and position yourself as the go to electrician in your area. Local businesses will be happy to discuss your services – hairdressers in particular are always happy to chat to their clients about local recommended people.


People often look for recommendations when looking for electricians, so having an effective referral strategy in your business is essential for tapping into the personal recommendation market.


Don't forget, referral business costs you very little to set up and can result in obtaining your best customers all within your local area who are prepared to pay a fair price for electrical work in their home.

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