Leafleting – a straightforward way for electricians to get work in their local area

I call leafleting my virtual cash machine. If I am in need of a cash boost into my electrical contracting business, then I use leafleting as a sure-fire way to bring in that cash.


Making leafleting work


I have spoken to many other electrical contractors over the years who complain that leafleting doesn't work for them and they receive no enquiries.


A good leafleting round could result in a consumer unit upgrade or a couple of local jobs – it is not bad for a bit of time spent producing a great leaflet and spending time leafleting the right area.


Leaflet design


Leaflet design for electricians is an essential to get right if your leaflet is going to be actioned upon. Many electricians make the mistake of employing costly graphic designers to create a glossy eye catching leaflet. I too have fallen into this trap in the past. It might look good, but is the customer going to see what you offer?


What works best for me is the simplest of designs. I use plain bright orange paper with simple black text simply stating 'electrician' when I leaflet drop.  The leaflet is spotted easily and it is easy to read what I offer. I have had customers call me from a past leaflet drop where they have kept the leaflet based on the fact they know what I do.


As a result of my leaflet design (I use the same one) I have them printed in bulk at a local printers, so it only costs me a few pence if that per leaflet. The work that results from my leaflet drops is a great return on the cost of printing and my time!


Solution: Produce a simple leaflet yourself and source a local printer who can print these for you.


Targeting your leaflet drop


Many people make the mistake of leafleting every home in their local area or worse still employing a leafleting company to do the job. It is important to research in advance the properties you need to be targeting. You need to target home owners. Leaflet dropping in housing association homes or rented properties is not going to result in work.


Targeting owned homes in your local area is a great start – however leafleting can be carried out across a wider area. Leafleting can be done yourself or you could pay someone to do it for you. A retired person or student will happily leaflet drop for you in an area you give, if you don't want to do it yourself.


Always avoid leaflet dropping companies. You will not be able to target specific roads and instead you will be buying for a mass leaflet drop of unsuitable properties. Additionally your leaflet is likely to be delivered alongside other leaflets or publications and may well end up in the bin.


Solution: Specify the exact roads which to carry out your leaflet drop


When to leaflet drop


One method of leafleting I use is to leaflet drop a few homes in the area where I carry out quotation visits. It is an opportunity for more work in an area where you have received an enquiry. Leaflet drop to a few homes either side of the property you carry out your quotation visit. It will take very little time.


The time of your leaflet drop matters too. If you leaflet drop too early, it will end up sitting on someone’s door mat all day and get picked up and binned without being looked at. Time your leaflet drops towards 5pm and leave your leaflet sitting in the letterbox, rather posting it straight through. That way your potential customer has to pull the leaflet from the letterbox so they will notice it.


Solution: Think about your timings to ensure your leaflet gets seen 

Make clear your call to action


What is it you want your customer to do. Action a special offer? Call you? Make it clear. The message of leaflets is often lost whilst trying to promote your services. Keep it simple, you want your customer to call you, so make it clear how they can do that.


Solution: Ask someone you know what they feel they need to do with your leaflet


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