Planning your marketing strategy

One of the questions I get asked on a regular basis is how to introduce special offers without appearing to be desperate for work. I actually recommend having special offers all year round – not only will you be in regular contact with potential customers offering reasonable prices, you will not be giving any indication of your current state of cash flow. It is not difficult to think of well known high street brands that offer year round sales – when you need their services, you will know who to call. Designing your marketing strategy Of course, special offers do require some consideration in advance and need to be relevant for the time of year. As part of your marketing hour, spend some time on your marketing strategy for this year so you know what direction you are heading in. Seasonal special offers could include: Spring – garden lighting Autumn – security lighting Consumer unit bundle deal Offers in line with wholesaler promotions Display your special offers on a wall chart and start planning early for your offers. Ensure you buy your materials at the best price, design your leaflets in good time, decide who and where to target. Seasonal offers Seasonal offers are a great starting point as you are targeting an area that house holders are typically thinking about at that time of year. However it is important that you target the right households who can use offers like those mentioned above. Think home owners with a garden, these are the areas you need to get your special offers out to. The idea of offers is to ensure you are not out of pocket as a result of giving your client a better price. One tip I recommend is to coincide your offers with promotions offered at your local wholesalers. A typical special offer I run most often is a consumer unit bundle. Included with the consumer unit upgrade is a free emergency light and smoke alarm, there are two reasons I choose these items specifically. Bundle Deals Firstly the emergency light and smoke alarm are quick and easy to install. In general I recommend to the customer to place the emergency light above the consumer unit, that way if the power goes off the emergency light will activate, and light up the consumer unit. The smoke alarm is another essential home safety feature that can be fitted in very little time but adds value to the customer. Secondly, these items are nearly always on offer at local wholesalers meaning I can pick them up at a preferential price. The idea here is to buy your materials at special offer prices meaning you can still make a profit on your job. If your special offer is on-going, you can stock up on items you use often. Making special offers work Choosing who to target is important. There is no point targeting people who live in high rise flats for garden lighting! This is why it is important to stay in control of your marketing campaigns. Targeting roads with high levels of home ownership is a good start with leafleting campaigns for consumer unit upgrades for example. Make sure you vary your special offers. There is nothing that makes you look more out of touch then offering the same special offer all year round. Don't forget to target your existing customers – email marketing is a great way of letting your past clients know what you offering at the moment. Running special offers year round is also a great way of obtaining a steady steam of work in your local area as well as increasing brand awareness. Seeing your business name regularly will seed your details in the minds of customers and they will think of you when they need an electrician.

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