Struggling to fill your diary with work?

Every domestic electricians nightmare is to be scratching around for work – having to drop prices to compete with the competition, taking on work that you don't really want to do or having to travel further to get the work you want can soon land you in a vicious cycle of stress and in some cases even giving up!


The good news is that it doesn't have to be like that. I know that because I've been there myself – and come out the other side. Being a successful electrician isn't just about the quality of your work – it's about marketing your business correctly so that you get the work that you want in your local area.


Sound like a pipe dream?


Let me assure you, my methods have been tried and tested in my own business – I am apprentice trained and have been a domestic electrician for over 25 years. Over the years I have tried hundreds if not thousands of different marketing techniques – so I know what works – and crucially which ones should be avoided.


I can show you these techniques – in one full day in Cambridge. You will be able to put these techniques to work in your business straight away and find out how to live the life you want to live and not be held to ransom by price wars and work you don't want.


Last minute tickets still available

ToolBox Live is taking place this Friday 25th August – there are still last minute tickets available but you need to hurry and book today


One full day in Cambridge will change the way you do business – no more sitting around at home waiting or the phone to ring and feeling struck in a rut.


Find out more by watching my video:


   James Dewane – Founder ofMy Electricians ToolBox” 

   Like many of you, I started out as an apprentice, learning the craft of my trade – but not the skills to market yourself and your company.

   If, like me, you’d like a full work-book, to pick and choose the jobs you take, make healthy profits and have the time to enjoy your family and your social life –

   Then I know I can help you.