J Dewane

Where do you see yourself / your business in 12 months from now.

Where do you see yourself / your business in 12 months from now.

My bet is that if you are following the very simple steps in “The Electricians Business Blueprint” you will be on your way to dominating your local market.

Many Tradesmen are wasting money on advertising and promotions that don’t work. They are sold space in publications and web sites that don’t deliver any results.


I firmly believe that local promotion to targeted areas is the best way to get customers if you are looking to work directly for homeowners.

All to often we can get sucked into the next best thing whether it is a glossy mag that claims it is distributed to 10,000 Police Men or Architects or the lead generation site that promises to send you X amount of quality leads a week.

We need to stand back an really think about what we are looking for and consider where we are going to get a better return on our marketing investment and although the techniques I recommend like Local Magazine, Parish Newsletters and leafleting are low tech and inexpensive the give great results.

Use your imagination, create great offers then by use of leaflets, local adverts and follow up you will dominate your local area….why?

Because no one else is doing it properly.






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