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Are You A Domestic Electrician Fed Up With The Constant Battle To Find New Work?
If The Answer Is Yes Then Read On…
My Electricians ToolBox™ 
Marketing Training That Is Proven To Work For Local Tradesmen.
Mentoring From An Electrician Who is Using These Techniques Successfully
Advertising And Marketing Templates, that Make your Marketing Easier
Software, Tools, Online And Live Training Events Focused On Building Your Business .

Why Are Local Tradesmen Using

My Electricians ToolBox™

This is the only resource of its kind in the UK, that teaches Electricians and other Tradesmen and Women how to Market their business effectively to a Local Market.

An Online Training Portal

A Membership area containing training videos and documents on all aspects of Local Marketing. Each subject is broken down into easy to digest short videos with supporting material.

Monthly Updates

New training material is uploaded to your member area every month. Using Videos and PDF documents to provide you with easy to manage chunks. Each week a new eiposde of our popular ToolBox TV is Uploaded

Online Seminars

Each month I host an online seminar to discuss a dedicated area of your marketing. This is also a live Q&A session for members to have their marketing questions answered


You have access to hundreds of marketing resources prepared for you, including advertising templates, Articles you can submit to magazines, Blogs You can Post on your own Site, Facebook Posts that attract business, letters, quote templates and much more.

There Is Only Space For One Electrician

In Your Post Code

Shouldn’t That Be You…

You Can Potentially Have

All The Work You Want!


 So How Can I Help You?

I’m James Dewane and for the last 12 years, I’ve run an electrical contracting business in the South East of England For a lot of that time (almost 7 Years), my diary has been constantly full for months ahead and yes, I do pick and choose the work I want to do and charge the prices I want to earn. I’m not saying this to impress you, if you knew me, you’d know that’s really not my style. Instead I want to impress upon you that there are tradespeople out there who are doing well thanks to some little known inexpensive marketing methods and tricks.

I’ve been fortunate enough to pick up this knowledge over the years thanks to an interest in self-improvement, marketing and advertising, a lot of hard work and yes failures…

I wasn’t always looking at a full diary. I’ve been on literally dozens of courses, bought hundreds of books and tried and tested everything to the point where I’ve now got a simple system that is working extremely well for me. It requires no more than FOUR Hours a week and provides me with all the work I want.

I have shared this now with a number of Electricians and other Trades men who are getting similar results, so I know I can use my skills to help you transform your business just like I’ve already done for a number of others.

But you don’t have to just take my word for it… Have a look at what people I’ve helped in the past have to say about me, and my system…

Here’s Just Some Of What You Get With
My Electricians ToolBox
  • Profit boosting marketing strategies that are 99% done for you…
  • Done for you templates
  • Crafted Advertisements
  • Pre prepared Newsletters
  • Sales Letters
  • Materials that wins work with Estate & Letting Agents
  • Tip Sheets for your clients
  • Follow up Emails to keep in touch with clients
  • Seasonal Promotions
  • Articles and Blogs you can use as your own
  • A Forum for support from fellow members
  • A monthly live webinar Q & A Session
  • email support
  • And Lots,lots more new content every month…..


video for Electricians

Leaflets For Electricians

Training For Electricians

Marketing For Electricians

FaceBook for Electricians

workshops for electricians

Electricians Done For You

Coaching for Electricians
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

I think I’ve given you all the facts you need to make an informed decision on this, but just in case I’ve missed anything, here’s a list of common questions and the answers to them…

Q. Who is this program for?

A. It’s for ambitious electricians in the domestic sector (or those wanting more domestic work) who are fed up with their current marketing results and want to explode their businesses. If that’s you then this program will work wonders for you, guaranteed!

Q. Will I be competing against others in my area with the same strategies?

A. No, I’m only giving access to ‘My Electricians ToolBox’ to one electrician per area. I’m very strict about this so you can be fully confident you’ll be the only one in your town doing this.

Q. Is it a long-term commitment?

A. No it isn’t, you’re free to leave the program at any time. You can join and if you feel it’s not for you after say a month, you can leave and pay nothing more.

If you stay for 12 months and use my customer generating and retention methods and don’t see your turnover increase, I will give you a further 12 Months

Remember though, if you do choose to leave, your area will be open for a competitor to join. All the time you stay with me, all competition will be locked out forever.

Q. How can I see the value of this without joining?

A. Well hopefully I’ve shown you the immense value of ‘My Electricians ToolBox’ above. If Not Remember you Have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you apply what you see on the site to your business, you will see extra profits far in excess of your membership fee. The only way I can see you losing out is if you take all my information but then do nothing with it.

Q. I can’t really afford it right now.

A. If you look at the cost, it works out less than a burger and fries from McDonalds each day! Even if my methods only gets you one extra consumer unit change every month, you’ll pay for your membership and have cash to spare! You cant afford not too…

If you use my methods properly, you’ll make far, far more than what you’re paying. If I offered you a crisp £20 note for just £5, you’d take it, right? Well this is really the same thing. Just one extra job per month from this system with a £400 profit and you’re getting the same deal!

And you’ll get far more than that…

Apply  NOW and I’ll see you inside the members area.

guarantee1 Try My Electricians ToolBox™  

for 30-Days Risk Free

I am so confident that you will absolutely love it that I am offering a full 30-Day,

no questions asked, money-back guarantee… I take all the risk so you don’t have to…

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