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Your Own Referral Army (joint ventures)

Did you know that there are all kinds of other small businesses in your area that serve the same customers that you do?

Think about it. Your prospects are in the main home owners, meaning that YOU are a B2C (business to customer) type business.

As a tradesman/women, you make money by serving home owners, landlords or letting agents. Obvious, I know but stick with me here.

Think about all of the other kinds of businesses near you that also are a B2C type business.

There are many, but assuming you are an Electrician, here are just a few examples of potential Joint Venture Partners waiting to cross promote your services for either a reciprocal agreement or a small commission:

– Plumbers

– Heating Engineers

– Locksmiths

– Gardeners

– Painter/Decorator

All of these other kinds of businesses (and more) serve the same customer as you, they just provide a different service that your client needs.

This means that if you are looking to get some clients on an ongoing basis without

much effort and or expense you could setup a “referral program” and make these other businesses your joint venture partners.

It’s simple. All they need to do is give your business card or brochure to their clients and tell them if they need an electrician (or whatever service you offer), to contact you.

This works and is what many network organisations are based on, however it won’t just happen and need someone to get the ball rolling, that should be you.



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