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What are you doing today?

What are you doing today?

Normally a pleasant enquiry by someone who really doesn’t care what the answer is. Often used as a simple conversation starter by others.

But seriously I want to know…

You see I want to know what you are doing today about marketing your business.

Some small businesses/self-employed people think marketing is for the BIG boys, something that only large brand name companies do.

You couldn’t be further from the truth…

Marketing is something that you should be doing for your business every day, if you are serious about staying in business let alone growing your business.

This email was prompted by Ian Johnson, Ian is one of the electricians who is working the ‘ Blueprint’ and understands that Marketing is, or should be an everyday part of our business not just something that we do when the work runs out.

In his own words, Ian says… ‘we should continue to market ourselves, even when we are busy. In my view to many business owners stop marketing when things are good then can’t afford to when things are slow


How true that is, you see by doing nothing you get nothing, and conversely by doing something you will get something and in my book something is better than nothing every time.

So what should you do…?

It may be different for you, but here’s what I do.

The first hour of every day (more if time allows) is dedicated to doing some form of marketing for my business, it’s all to easy to get up first thing in the morning and start the day with old habits, Turn on the TV and catch up with the news, Check Facebook to see what we missed over night, catch up with twitter… But are these things really moving your business forward NO.

One solid and focused hour at the start of the day working on a piece of marketing for your business will pay big rewards long term.

Below are some of the things I will do during that first hour.

  • Send Out between three to five JV letters
  • Write or re-write some e-mails to go in my responder follow up
  • Design an Offer that will go on the back of leaflets
  • Look up names and addresses for letting agents, property managers etc
  • Add my details to some free online directories
  • Map out the next area I want my leaflet droppers to do
  • Write a piece for my newsletter

All of these are designed to keep work flowing into my business, I find it doesn’t happen accidently and when I stop putting the effort in the well runs dry, but when I work on it daily even when I’m busy then I find I have a good flow of work.


So I will ask again WHAT ARE YOU DOING TODAY?







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