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What makes a good Electrician?

The answer to the question seems obvious on the face of it but is it really?

Some will say a good electrician can quote the regs book to you verbatim some will suggest a good electrician can instantly calculate cable ratings, volt drop, current usage etc, etc…

While these things are interesting and demonstrate an accumulation of knowledge does it really make you a good electrician?

I work in the Domestic Sector, and am registered as a Domestic Electrician and from my experience in this sector and from feedback I have received from Customers here is what they think makes a good electrician.

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  • One who turns up to do a quote when they say they will.
  • One who sends a written quote, not just gives a guesstimate.
  • One who knows what he is talking about, in relation to their project. They couldn’t care less if you can work out the adiabatic equation in your sleep.
  • One who talks to them and not down to them like some kind of know it all.
  • One who is willing to offer suggestions that are helpful, to the client.
  • One who will treat their property with respect and appreciates that it is someone’s home.
  • One who will deal with problems honestly when and if the arise, put your hands up when you’re at fault.


There are many different kinds of Electricians, Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Appliance Engineers and I am convinced that the majority of qualified and practicing electricians are good if not great from a technical perspective but how many are actually good electricians in the eyes of their clients?

Remember you are not your client and what you think makes a good Electrician may not be what your actual client thinks







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