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Who’s on your wish list?

How can you really get your ideal client, is it at all possible to work for the kind of people you want to work for or do we really just have to put up with whatever comes through the door.

Well, lets start with the big question, what is an ideal client? the answer I guess will be different for everyone, I may want clients who are affluent and live in large houses in gated communities, you may want Landlords who have big property portfolios, I might want house wives who want small jobs done and pay well for them, you might want a property developer who builds blocks of flats.

Each of us will have our own idea of what an ideal client is like, but seriously how much thought have you put into who they are and I don’t just mean on a superficial level, like when your sat in the cafe with your mates and you say “if only we could get in with X,Y,Z we would be made…”

No I mean how much time have you really given to thinking about your ideal client, who they are, what makes them tick, what gets their juices flowing, what worries them what keeps them awake at night.

When you think this deeply about your ideal client, you begin to understand how you can get noticed by them. You will know what they read, where they go to relax and what is important to them and when you know this you will know how to get their attention.

Those of you who have attended the “Electricians Business Blueprint” webinar will have heard me talk about how I use what is commonly know as an avatar (an imaginary version of my ideal client). How does this work, well in simple terms from various stats that I keep, I know that Housewives provide me with a steady stream of good work. In this instance I will define good work as….

Easy to complete, very low overhead cost, high profit margin, completed quickly, paid instantly.

So knowing that House wives can provide me with this kind of work, allows me to do some smart things if I just think about it a little deeper, is every job from a house wife equal No, so I can drill down deeper and in my senario after giving it a lot of thought my best jobs in this sector/niche is delivered to me by…

Housewives that:

[black_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • Are between 40 to 65 years old
  • Are married (still with partner)
  • Have teenage kids
  • Live in 1930 style houses
  • Look after themselves (hair/Spa etc)
  • Are active in their children’s lives
  • Have a dog
  • Don’t have a “job”, but may have their own small business run from home

[/black_tick_list]The list of details goes on and on…

Do not mistake this for a wish list, and don’t underestimate the value in this information. This is a list of attributes gleaned from information about the type of client who has given me the exact type of work that I want.

So if I know that this is the type of work I want to do and that this is the type of client who provides me with this type of work then what can I do with this information. This is the fun part, because you can begin to craft your advertising to speak directly to this type of client, you can figure out where to place your ads so that it will get their attention.

This can save you a fortune in advertising cost because you are now targeting your ideal client and not “Everyone”, you will get the type of work you want and work with the client you want.

Take time this week and develop your avatar, who do you really want to work for?






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